If you work in the construction industry under Construction Industry Scheme Rules (CIS), then there is a good chance that you will have paid too much tax throughout the year and will be due a tax refund.

At FD Accountants we have helped thousands of clients obtain tax refunds whilst working in the construction industry, whether under the CIS scheme or operating as a PAYE employee.

There are very detailed and complex rules that need to be considered when making a claim for expenses and we can provide you with the right kind of advice on letting you know what expenses you can claim for as a deduction against your income.

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CIS Support – We can help you with:

  • Assessment of your tax position

  • Advice on your expenses

  • Completion of your tax return

  • Preparation of any accounts that may be required

  • Advice and assistance on possibly lowering the amount of ongoing tax deducted from your earnings

  • Fixed fee service offered


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