We understand that the accounts of most businesses will form the back bone of all financial information, leading to owners and directors alike making critical business decisions on the back of the accounts.

In addition, your accounts will provide the majority of the information required to work out any tax that is due and when. If you are a limited company, accounts will also be required to determine whether you can legally declare any dividends.

Staying on top of your accounts and having reliable and accurate information is therefore vital to any business. At FD Accountants we can assist you in both the preparation and completion of your accounts, helping you to make better financial decisions, keep compliant and assess the right amount of tax.

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We provide a comprehensive Accounting service which includes:

  • Accounts for Sole Traders

  • Accounts for Partnerships

  • Accounts for Landlords

  • Limited Company Accounts (on turnover up to £10.2m)

  • Community Interest Companies

  • Review of your accounting systems


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